Spooky Fun with SmartMusic

Last year around this time, we released a solo collection called Spooky Solos. This collection contains 14 songs that fit this time of year perfectly like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, In the Hall of the Mountain King, I’m So Happy I’m a Ghost and more.

Using an Interactive Whiteboard with SmartMusic

In addition to using SmartMusic in practice rooms and at home, many educators are using SmartMusic in the classroom too. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

Instant access to SmartMusic features including the tuner, metronome, and digital recorder Students are easily engaged by SmartMusic’s simultaneous visual and aural cues SmartMusic can function as an “assistant,” allowing the teacher to move about the classroom and increase student contact time By using SmartMusic in the classroom, the teacher is modeling to the students how to use SmartMusic at home


Scheduling SmartMusic Assignments from a Unit

In my last post we discussed how to group SmartMusic assignments together as a unit. Today we’ll assign a unit.

To do so, get to your Home screen, select the class you want to send the unit to, then click “Assignment Library” at the bottom right of your screen to arrive at your personal library.