Teaching Sight Reading Throughout the Year

Teaching Sight Reading Throughout the Year

Sight reading can be stressful and intimidating. Often, we spend too little time on it to see meaningful results. With a plan in place and a mindset dedicated to developing sight-reading skills year-round, you can improve your ensemble’s musical literacy and build the confidence of the individual musicians.

Here are a few tips and techniques you can use to improve sight reading year-round, as well as some pointers specific to the day of your sight-reading evaluation.

Preparing to Perform for Music Educators and Other VIPs

musician getting ready to perform

Has your ensemble been chosen to perform at an MEA event or the Midwest Clinic? Congratulations! Anytime you get an opportunity to perform for an audience of fellow music educators, it is an extra honor. With that honor comes the responsibility of additional preparation to make certain the concert is the success you know it can be.

Last Minute Tips for Contest and Spring Concert Preparation

Last Minute Tips for Contest and Spring Concert Preparation

Finalizing your contest or spring concert preparation can be busy and stressful.  As you get closer to the big day – and time is running out – these last-minute tips can help ensure a successful performance.

Instill Confidence

So much of a performance’s outcome is based on the performer’s confidence level.

Asa Burk on Getting Started with SmartMusic

Asa Burk

I have been using SmartMusic in the classroom since the late 90’s. While SmartMusic has evolved and changed quite a bit over the past two decades one thing has remained constant – its ability to enhance and support what we do in the classroom. It has arguably become more and more capable over the years.