A New SmartMusic for the New School Year!

A new school year is full of anticipation and here is some exciting news from MakeMusic. The newest version of SmartMusic is ready for immediate download! Remember this is a free upgrade if you already have a SmartMusic subscription and you will be able to start using SmartMusic immediately.

Let’s take a look at a few of the great new key features for SmartMusic. (By the way, it is now just called SmartMusic; there is no year designation after it.)

  • Updated look-First of all, you will notice that SmartMusic has an updated look and a new icon.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.21.50 AM

  • Per User Login-Your subscription will now allow you to use your SmartMusic subscription on any computer or iPad that has SmartMusic on it.  There is no more need to move a subscription to another computer. This also means that you will now need to login to SmartMusic to use it.


  • User name-An email address is no longer needed to create an account! You can now create a user name for login.
  • Practice Room Subscriptions-You can designate a SmartMusic subscription to a practice room computer (or iPad), which allows multiple students to login to SmartMusic on that device. This is called “pinning” a subscription.

Pinning and Unpinning

  • Rubrics-You can now create your own rubrics and use them to evaluate SmartMusic assignments! You still have the choice of assigning point values to the SmartMusic assessment and recording.


  • State Standards-Associate your state standards to SmartMusic assignments. Imagine the level of documentation that you can provide!


  • Auto updates-Updates to the new SmartMusic program will occur automatically. You will not have to download new updates as they are released.

Besides these exciting features, the SmartMusic library continues to expand every month. Look for many more concert titles, over 60 method books, and 600 sight-reading exercises!

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