8 Ways to Use SmartMusic as a Classroom Teaching Tool

8 Ways to Use SmartMusic as a Classroom Teaching Tool

SmartMusic not only transforms home practice, it’s also a powerful classroom teaching tool.

In this archived webinar, Giovanna Cruz shares tips for using SmartMusic in class, including how to:

  1. Display individual parts on-screen to demonstrate musical concepts
  2. Use SmartMusic as an accompanist during choir and other rehearsals
  3. Teach the rhythm of the day
  4. Play recordings to model exemplary performances

Discover new ways you can use SmartMusic as a classroom teaching tool in this video:

As an added bonus, you can see Giovanna’s trusted associate (and music education services superstar) Leigh Kallestad, participating in the webinar from his seat on a commercial airline. Really!

Music educators are get-things-done people. They even use the time they’re seated on an airplane to complete projects.

Thanks for all that you do.

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