Midwest Panel Discussion Video Series Part 1

SmartMusic is interactive music learning software that gives every student and educator solutions for: digital repertoire, practice tools, documenting student progress, music technology integration, instant feedback, iPad implementation, and Finale/MP3 import, just to name a few. On top of that, many educators have a different answer to the question, “Why did I start using SmartMusic?” The difficulty in talking to others about SmartMusic is that it’s hard to accurately convey the possibilities of a program with endless possibilities.

For example: Ed and Shelly are sitting next to each other during a SmartMusic demonstration at an MEA clinic. Ed has stringent documentation requirements that need to be addressed in the near future, while Shelly is purely interested in guiding and motivating their student’s home practice and preparing concert repertoire.

Ed would be perfectly happy with a clinic that focused on documentation capabilities such as: practice reports, assignment requirements, rubrics, pre-test and post-test tips, and export options. After this clinic, Shelly may not know that SmartMusic is a world-class practice tool that includes the largest repertoire library with accompaniment in the world.

On the flip side, Shelly wants to know about specific content areas: the metronome, the tuner, tempo adjustment, exercises, method books, sight-reading, and Finale import. In a clinic geared towards these topics, Ed could assume that SmartMusic doesn’t capture and document student progress when the Gradebook effortlessly creates a digital portfolio for each student.

Midwest Clinic 1With this in mind, and knowing that every educator has different needs, we gathered a group of experienced SmartMusic users for a panel discussion at the 2013 Midwest Clinic. Discussions with experienced SmartMusic users can reveal tips and tricks that are extremely helpful when implementing or expanding SmartMusic use in your school.


Take a few minutes in the coming weeks to listen to  Mark Corey, Rachel Maxwell, Mike Holden, Marty Magnini, and Jim Depalo talk about how they use SmartMusic to improve their music programs.

Interested in telling your story in a panel discussion or on this blog? Leave a message below and we will be in touch.


Mark Corey

Director of Bands, Addison Trail High School

ILMEA State President Elect

Some of the topics discussed in this video:

  • Additional levels of assessment needed for students receiving honors credit in band.
  • Using recordings for self-assessment
  • SmartMusic benefits for students that do not take private lessons
  • Using Finale to notate exercises/etudes, and sending as assignments in SmartMusic
  • Students acquire fluency in all 12 major and minor keys with help from SmartMusic
  • SmartMusic is used in the classroom everyday for both rehearsal and assessment capabilities


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