Free Ebook: The Educator’s Guide to Classroom Data

Educator’s Guide to Classroom Data

The right classroom data can drive administrative decisions. It can help you communicate effectively with parents. Most importantly, it can aid student development and success.

We’ve compiled tips – from music educators across the country – on what data to collect and how to best share it. We’ve even included tips on how to manage data (which can be helpful if massaging a database isn’t your idea of a fun Friday night).

Managing Stage Fright

Managing Stage Fright

It is not unusual for performers to worry about memory slips and technical insecurity when playing before an audience. Understandably, anxious performers wish they could get rid of performance anxiety! As a therapist, I wish I could wave a wand and make this happen – but I must share the unwanted news that I cannot supply this magic.

Music Ed Mentor Podcast #015:
Ultimate Recruitment Guide

Music Ed Mentor Podcast #015: Ultimate Music Student Recruitment Guide

Savvy music educators know that getting students signed up for their program is a critical part of the job. If your program isn’t growing, it isn’t thriving. Having a great recruitment and retention strategy not only keeps your ensembles sounding great, but also helps expand your budget, secure support from the community, and show value to administrators.

New SmartMusic Repertoire Update: January 2018

Every month on this blog we list new titles that have been added to the SmartMusic repertoire library. To avoid confusion, we typically list only those titles that have been added to both new SmartMusic and classic SmartMusic.

Something New

This month we’re doing something a little different.

Quick Peek at the New SmartMusic: Simplifying Assignments

Quick Peek at the New SmartMusic: Simplifying Assignments

We are continually improving and adding features to the new SmartMusic. We created this ”Quick Peek” blog series to share 30-second video glimpses of how this progress can help you in your classroom. 

Time is always in short supply, so creating and sending SmartMusic assignments needs to be as simple and efficient as possible.

Mastering Student Data with SmartMusic

Mastering Student Data With SmartMusic

Managing data can be incredibly useful for your program. You can successfully manage fundraisers, demonstrate value (and progress) to administrators, and improve your communication with parents.

But your students have to come first.

Dealing with student data has come a long way since pencils, paper, and a sheet of graph paper.

5 Easy Ways to Develop Improvisation in Your Classroom

5 Easy Ways to Develop Improvisation in Your Classroom

We all know that teaching improvisation is important. Nevertheless, it is often set aside in favor of preparing notes and rests for upcoming concerts or festivals. However, if we fail to introduce improvisation as an integral part of jazz ensemble, then the jazz ensemble is not much more than a concert band with “swung” 8th notes.