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SmartMusic for Students

Practice with the best tools and get better faster

Launch SmartMusic. Clip on the microphone, and start practicing. One practice session with SmartMusic will show you the difference between practice and interactive practice. At a yearly subscription rate of only $40, it’s easy to own the most powerful practice tool and accompaniment library on the market today.

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SmartMusic is ideal for instrumental and vocal musicians of all levels.

Why SmartMusic makes practicing fun:

  • Choose from thousands of pieces in our SmartMusic library
  • Learn how your part fits within the ensemble through accompaniment
  • SmartMusic listens as you play, giving you instant feedback on assessable files
  • Move at your own pace by controlling the tempo and clicktrack with subdivisions
  • Isolate difficult phrases of any length with the loop tool
  • Record and play back your practice sessions for self assessment
  • Send mp3 recordings to family members and friends
  • Solo repertoire accompaniment follows spontaneous tempo changes
  • Download the iPad app and practice anytime, anywhere

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