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Features and Benefits

SmartMusic transforms the way students learn



Instant Feedback

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SmartMusic’s revolutionary assessment feature gives students feedback on their performance so improvement can be made between rehearsals or lessons. As a student performs an exercise or piece, SmartMusic’s assessment feature displays the notes played. Correctly executed notes appear in green; red notes indicate an incorrect pitch or rhythm. This instant feedback gives students the information needed to improve at their own pace, which is often times faster than the group.

SmartMusic even grades the assessment based upon the percentage of correct (green) notes. This motivates students to keep practicing and earn the highest score possible. Students complete assignments from their teacher by using SmartMusic at home. They choose which performance score is submitted to their teacher, along with an assessment screenshot and recording. This process puts achievement in the student’s hands, and can produce dramatic improvement in a short period of time.



Document Individualized Instruction for Every Student


SmartMusic’s objective and subjective assessments capture massive amounts of data and documents student progress in your Gradebook. Each student has a portfolio of submitted performances stored within Gradebook that can be accessed or exported at any time. Gradebook gives you the ability to individualize instruction and focus on the unique needs of every student.

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Create custom rubrics that are specific to your state or region criteria. Rubric assessments are saved along with a screenshot and recording of each students best performance. These subjective assessments are securely stored within your SmartMusic Gradebook until you choose to delete them.

Association of Assignments to State Standards

State standards can also be attached to each assignment and saved to each student’s portfolio for greater documentation of individual achievement.

Repertoire Library

The largest digital sheet music library with accompaniment in the world!


Choose from over 4,000 Ensemble Titles and 18,000 Solo titles to assign to your students; most with professional background accompaniment. This allows students to practice with a pitch and rhythmic reference at all times, while hearing a model for quality of sound and interpretation. Students come to rehearsals with an understanding of how their part sounds in context, allowing you to focus on deeper musical concepts during full ensemble rehearsals. Access to the repertoire library is purchased on a yearly subscription basis, and also includes:

  • Over 60 of the most popular method books for band, orchestra, and choir
  • 600 Sight Reading and Sight Singing exercises
  • Jazz patterns for Wynton Marsalis, Aebersold, or Alfred tunes.
  • The ability to import SmartMusic accompaniments from any Finale file

Learn more about creating SmartMusic files with Finale.


The SmartMusic Library includes a variety of exercises that will help in the development of technical, rhythm and ear training skills that can be used by beginner to more advanced musicians. Students can practice with accompaniments that provide harmonic context to the exercises and help make “boring” exercises fun! For variety, easily change the key, range and articulation to help develop proficiency.



  • Includes Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Chromatic, Whole Tone, Pentatonic, and Diminished


  • Interval exercises working from seconds – ninths, including mixed interval training


  • Major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads
  • Major, minor, and dominant seventh chords


  • Triplet and sixteenth note variations of technique building exercises in major, natural minor, harmonic minor, and melodic minor keys

State Scales

  • Includes state honor band scales for over 10 states
  • Specifically written for each individual instrument


  • All rhythm exercises can be assessed by clapping or playing an instrument
  • Includes simple and compound time signatures


  • Blues, II–V–I Scales, II–V–I Arpeggios, III-VI-II-V-I Scales, III-VI-II-V-I Arpeggios
  • Quarter note, straight eighth note, swung eighth note, and triplet varieties

Blues Licks

  • Jazz ear training in common chord patterns
  • Can be transposed to any key

Play by Ear

  • Over 140 exercises in 7 difficulties

Vocal Exercises

  • Developed by vocalists, for vocalists
  • Numerous warm-ups and options for scales, arpeggio types, and dynamics
Practice Tools

Built-in Tuner, Metronome, Digital Recorder, and On-Screen Keyboard

Each of these included practice tools can easily cost more than the yearly subscription cost of SmartMusic. Students can use these tools within the repertoire, or in a self-guided practice session. Teachers can also use practice tools in the classroom to tune and warm up the ensemble on a daily basis.Practice Tools