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SmartMusic for Educators

What could you accomplish if your students could perform every note correctly – before they arrived in your classroom?

SmartMusic is interactive music learning software that can dramatically improve students’ skills by transforming the way they practice and learn. As students perform along with music on-screen, they also hear their part in context with professional accompaniment.
Simplify sending assignments to your entire ensemble. SmartMusic provides students with immediate feedback, showing correct pitches and rhythms in green and incorrect in red. They also receive a score and a recording of their performance and have access to integrated tools including a tuner and metronome. Students can hear and see what needs to be improved, and are motivated to improve before submitting their best performance back to you for assessment and guidance.
SmartMusic provides objective assessment needed to document student progress in your Gradebook. You can access each student’s portfolio of submitted performances at any time, create custom rubrics that are specific to your state or region, and assign state standards to each assignment.
You and your students have access to the world’s largest digital sheet music library with accompaniment, providing more than 4,500 ensemble titles, 18,000 solo titles, and 70 methods. With accompaniment, students practice with a pitch and rhythmic reference at all times, and hear how their part fits in with the whole.