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Bring SmartMusic into Your Program Today!

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What your music students dream, SmartMusic can help
them achieve.

As an educator with SmartMusic, your students will learn faster through interactive practice – and you can provide individualized instruction for large groups. Bring SmartMusic into your program today and
see for yourself how it motivates and engages students to see their future.

With SmartMusic, you will be able to easily follow, document and grade student progress—motivating them to practice more!

Click on a session below and launch the video to get started!

Getting Started - Vocal

This session is for vocalists. See how vocal music educators use SmartMusic vocal assessment and sight-singing materials. Explore solo literature, vocal warm-ups and exercises and learn how to create your own SmartMusic content using Finale software. Import audio files for practice and assignments.

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Getting Started - Instrumental

This session is for instrumentalists. See how other music educators use SmartMusic to help students learn faster through interactive practice. Learn how to harness the power of SmartMusic’s vast and ever-growing music library including:

  • 3,500 concert titles
  • Over 50 method books
  • 7,700 solo titles
  • 50,000 exercises along with sight-reading and sight-singing materials

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SmartMusic Assignments

Take the next step toward success with SmartMusic by learning how to set up your classes and create assignments in the online gradebook. In minutes you can send assignments to an entire group or just one student. Experience the “assignment loop”:

  • Schedule assignments
  • Students submit assignments
  • Teacher grades and documents assignments
  • Students get teacher’s grade and comments.

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Fully Implementing SmartMusic

This session will show you the best practices for fully implementing SmartMusic in your program. Topics include:

  • Enrolling students in a computer lab
  • Training students
  • Best ways to inform and demonstrate SmartMusic to parents
  • Five additional assignment types to further individualize your instruction

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