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1/23 SmartMusic Update Information



Development never stops here at MakeMusic, and we are happy to announce a highly anticipated SmartMusic update! Here are the details regarding the joint iPad/Desktop releases happening this week.

iPad Update: 

We’ve added support for several more assignment types, including:

  • Assignments created with imported SMP files (Finale 2012 or earlier)
  • Assignments created with imported MP3 audio files
  • Assignments that are graded using rubrics

Other updates include:

  • A new “Due Today” group for assignments
  • When reviewing takes, hear more of your performance, or more of the accompaniment
  • Minor bug fixes

If you haven’t yet downloaded this FREE iPad app, why wait? Download today and simply log in with the same credentials you use on a desktop; only one subscription is required!

Desktop Update:

  • A drop-down menu has been added to the Add Your School box, making it easier to find the appropriate school
  • Automated Assignments can now be scheduled with skipped weeks
  • Selecting View Gradebook after scheduling an assignments displays an up-to-date Gradebook, including the newly scheduled assignment(s).
  • Student assignments with 0 recording points now display correctly in exported Grade Reports
  • Educators can now successfully remove students assignments with practice activity.
  • Improvements have been made to the Sample Titles and New Releases carousels.

If you have any questions regarding the new SmartMusic updates, please contact our customer support team. To stay up to date on the latest SmartMusic updates for your desktop or laptop, subscribe to the knowledge base article. For iPad, visit our mobile page.



  1. by Sergiy Kolokolkin

    When will you update Finale 2014 so that it can make SMP files?

  2. by Michael Ferry

    We are working on updating the SmartMusic notation engine. In the mean time you have a couple options:
    1) If you upgraded to Finale 2014 from Finale 2012, export to Finale 2012. Reverse compatibility is a new feature in Finale 2014. This workflow only adds a few seconds.
    2) If you upgraded to Finale 2014 from a version earlier than 2012 or purchased Finale for the first time, contact our customer support team at 866.240.4041. They will have a solution for you.

    Thanks, and enjoy the new updates!

  3. by Dave Faires

    Can you tell us what the version number will be for both the desktop and IPAD updates are? I don’t see any updates yet and would like to know if it is different than the last version.


  4. by Michael Ferry

    The desktop update is automatic and requires no action from you.
    The iPad update should appear as an icon in the upper right hand corner of your app store button. Tap it and it will ask you if you would like to update to the new version of SmartMusic. On an iPad that doesn’t have SmartMusic downloaded, just search for SmartMusic in the app store. Both SmartMusic and INBOX should appear and you can tap to download one (or both) of the mobile applications. The versions displayed in the store will always be the most current version available (Current iPad version is 1.4)

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